Which Of The Following Is A Disadvantage Of Local Requirement Laws To Foreign Companies?

Which of the following is NOT a disadvantage that local requirement regulations have for internationally-based businesses? It’s possible that businesses who are obligated to recruit local individuals may have to take on employees with minimal training.

What is the risk associated with the potential for the firm’s property to be confiscated or expropriated?

When the assets of an MNE are in danger of being taken away, either through expropriation or confiscation, this is an example of operational risk. Micropolitical risks, on the other hand, are limited to certain industries or companies within those industries, whereas macropolitical risks affect the whole economy of a country.

What is the value of all goods and services produced by the domestic economy over a one year period quizlet?

The value of all of the products and services generated by a national economy over the course of one year is referred to as the gross national product (GNP). When a nation’s total GDP is divided by its total population, the result is that nation’s GDP per capita.

Which of the following terms refers to the broadest measure of the economic development of a country?

The most comprehensive indicator of economic activity is known as real gross domestic product (GDP), which is the entire economic output adjusted for inflation. The business cycle refers to the movement of the economy as it moves through these alternating phases of expansion and recession in the economy.

Which of the following political ideologies states that every aspect of people’s lives must be controlled for a nation’s political system to be effective?

Anarchism is the political ideology that holds the notion that all area of a person’s life, including their personal affairs, must be regulated in order for the political system of a nation to be successful. The ideology known as pluralism holds that only people and private organizations should be allowed to manage the political activities of a nation.

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Which of the following describes a government seizing the assets of a few companies in an industry and providing no compensation?

Nationalization is the process by which a government seizes control of a company or industry. This is often done without providing compensation for the loss of the firm’s or industry’s prospective income as well as the value of the assets that were seized.

Which of the following statements is true of the impact of terrorism within a country on multinational companies in the macro sense?

Which of the following assertions about the effects of terrorism committed within a country on multinational corporations in the broadest sense is accurate? It is highly impossible to provide firms with a guarantee that they can totally avoid any harm caused by terrorism; but, doing political risk analysis and being prepared can help prevent such harm.

What is the value of all goods and services produced by a country’s domestic and international activities over a one year period?

The value, in terms of money, of all the completed products and services produced inside a nation during a certain time frame is referred to as its gross domestic product (GDP).The GDP gives a snapshot of a country’s economy, which may be used to determine the size of an economy as well as its growth rate.The GDP can be computed in one of three ways: via output, through expenditures, or through incomes.

Why are goods and services counted in GDP at market value Are there any disadvantages or problems in using market values to measure production?

Are there any drawbacks or difficulties associated with utilizing market values as a measurement of production? In the accounting for GDP, things are assessed at their market value so that different types of products and services may be put together. When we use market pricing, we are able to calculate the overall dollar worth of all of the production produced by the economy.

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What term means the value of all goods and services produced by a country’s domestic and international activities over a one year period?

The worth of all of the commodities and services that are created by a nation’s operations, both domestic and foreign, during the course of a single year. GDP or GNP divided by the total population of the country.

Which of the following terms is used to refer to the exchange of goods and services?

Without the use of monetary transactions, the trading of products and services known as ″bartering″ can take place between two or more persons. It is the first known kind of commercial activity. Individuals and businesses trade products and services with one another based on assessments of the value of the goods and prices equivalent to those of the other party.

Why is it difficult to compare national income between countries?

The fact that many nations utilize a variety of monetary systems presents a challenge when attempting to make meaningful comparisons between the economic situations of other nations. The utilization of official currency rates would not produce a satisfactory level of comparability.

Which of the following measures the extent to which a government equitably provides its people with a long and healthy life an education and a decent standard of living?

Which of the following evaluates the amount to which a government gives its citizens with a fair chance at a long and healthy life, an education, and a level of living that is acceptable? The Human Development Index (HDI) illustrates that a high national GDP is not sufficient to ensure human advancement on its own.

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Which of the following is an obstacle that countries face when making the transition from a centrally planned economy to a market economy?

Lack of management experience is one of the most significant challenges that nations undergoing economic transformation must overcome. Growth is fostered far more effectively by an economic system that is based on public ownership as opposed to one that is based on private ownership.

Which of the following is a political system in which the government controls almost every aspect of peoples lives?

Under a totalitarian regime, the government exerts control over virtually every facet of daily life.

Which of the following types of political systems includes democracies constitutional monarchies and some aristocracies?

Democracies, constitutional monarchies, and even certain aristocracies can be classified as examples of pluralistic political systems.

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