What Does Brass Tax Mean?

Definition of brass tacks : details of immediate practical importance —usually used in the phrase get down to brass tacks. Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About brass tacks.

What is the purpose of the Brass Tax?

  • Brass Tax. The Compendium of Local Government Collection Powers and Practices, is an ambitious undertaking by the Arlington County Treasurer’s Office to compile the various collection tools available to local governments throughout the United States and Canada.

What does it mean getting down to brass tacks?

Definition of get down to brass tacks informal.: to start to discuss or consider the most important details or facts about something We finally got down to brass tacks and decided to work out a schedule for the project.

Where does the phrase down to brass tacks come from?

To make measuring the fabric easier, owners would hammer brass tacks at common intervals — a yard, half-yard and quarter-yard. So after the customer picked the cloth, the clerk would say something like, “OK, I’ll measure it, so let’s get down to brass tacks.”

What can I use in place of brass tacks?

Brass-tacks synonyms

  • essentials; realities.
  • basic facts.
  • basics. Plural form of basic.
  • cases. Plural form of case.
  • essential facts.
  • essentials. Plural form of essential.
  • facts. Plural form of fact.
  • nitty-gritty. Nitty-gritty is slang for the basic facts, key details or most practical aspects.

What does brass it out mean?

Definition of brazen it out: to continue in a confident way without showing shame or embarrassment Despite the bad publicity, the candidate decided to brazen it out and stay in the race.

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What does brass tacks mean urban?

The phrase get down to brass tacks (not brass tax) is an Americanism dating from the 19th century. In the idiom, brass tacks means (1) the essentials, or (2) the basic facts, so to get down to brass tacks is to focus on the essentials.

Is Brass Tacks cockney rhyming slang?

One other intriguing theory, however, suggests that “brass tacks” is actually Cockney rhyming slang. Rhyming slang, originally a “secret language” of the London criminal underworld, uses unrelated words and phrases (“trouble and strife”) to stand in for the word actually meant (in this classic example, “wife”).

Is it brass tax or brass tacks?

The proper spelling of this expression is “ brass tacks ” not “brass tax.” If you want to “get down to brass tacks,” that means to get down to the core of something or to get down to the issue or task at hand.

What does can’t cut the mustard mean?

Most often, the phrase is used in negative constructions for when something doesn’t live up to expectations or can’t do the job, e.g., The quarterback couldn’t cut the mustard in the playoffs.

What does the idiom no dice mean?

No dice, from the 1920s, alludes to an unlucky throw in gambling; no go, alluding to lack of progress, dates from about 1820; and no soap dates from about 1920 and possibly alludes to the phrase it won’t wash, meaning “it won’t find acceptance.” Also see nothing doing; won’t wash.

Does copper and zinc make brass?

Brass is mainly an alloy that consists of copper with zinc added. Brasses can have varying amounts of zinc or other elements added. These varying mixtures produce a wide range of properties and variation in color.

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What does brass mean in slang?

noun, slang A prostitute. From Cockney rhyming slang, in which “brass” is a shortening of “brass flute,” “brass door,” “brass dart,” or “brass nail,” which rhyme with “prostitute,” “whore,” “tart,” and “tail,” respectively.

How do you use the word Brassed in a sentence?

Examples of ‘brassed off’ in a sentence brassed off

  1. Last night it was more a case of brass monkeys than brassed off. The Sun (2008)
  2. I am getting brassed off with it. The Sun (2017)
  3. No wonder they’re brassed off. Times, Sunday Times (2017)

What is the meaning of Rambunctions?

Definition of rambunctious: marked by uncontrollable exuberance: unruly.

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