How To Open Tax File? (Perfect answer)

How do I open a. tax file?

  1. Download and install TurboTax if it isn’t already installed.
  2. Run TurboTax.
  3. Click on File (in the top left corner) and then select Open Tax Return from the sub-menu list.
  4. Navigate to where the. tax(year) file is and open it.

How do I find TurboTax files on my computer?

  • Step 1 Select “Search” from the “Start” menu to search for lost Turbotax files on your computer. Select “All Files,” choose “Folders” or “All Locations.”. Type in the name of the Turbotax file that’s been lost and select “Search.”. Read through the search results carefully to find your lost Turbotax file.

What program can open file?

Select Open Tax Return from the File menu (Windows) or TurboTax menu (Mac), browse to the location of your. tax or tax data file (not the PDF), select it, and then select Open.

Can I open file without TurboTax?

Saving a copy of your return as a PDF (in addition to the proprietary tax data format TurboTax uses) lets you open, view, and print your return using the free Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader software. This is a lifesaver if your tax data file gets corrupted or if you no longer have the TurboTax software to open it in.

How do I open 2019 file?

You can open TAX2019 files with the desktop version of Intuit TurboTax 2019 in Windows and macOS. To open a TAX2019 file, select File → Open Tax Return. You can also upload a TAX2019 file to Intuit TurboTax Online when uploading your tax data from the previous year.

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How do I convert a tax file to PDF?


  1. Open your return in TurboTax.
  2. In the menu, near the top, select Print Center (or, you can choose Save to PDF from the File menu).
  3. Select the forms you’d like to generate, then select Save As PDF.
  4. In the Save As window, change the default location if desired, and then select Save.

Can TurboTax open old files?

Turbotax for Previous Years If you filed tax returns with Turbotax, those returns are stored in your account. This menu only shows the years you filed returns through Turbotax. At this point, you can open the file to view it in PDF form, or you can download or print it directly from the screen.

How do I access my TurboTax files?

By default, TurboTax saves tax files in the My Documents TurboTax folder. After locating the path to the tax file on your computer, open your tax return using the same version of TurboTax for that year.

How do I find old tax returns on TurboTax?

You can access returns for the past seven years.

  1. Sign in to your TurboTax account. Make sure you’re using the same TurboTax account (same user ID) as in prior years.
  2. Select Documents from the side menu.
  3. Use the drop-down menu to choose the tax year you want and then select Download tax PDF.

How do I open my 2018 TurboTax file?

The only way to open a. tax2018 file is with the TurboTax CD/Download software for 2018. In addition, if the. tax2018 file contains a state tax return, you have to install the state software before you can open the file.

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How do I download a.TAX file?

Make sure you’re using the same account you used in 2016. Sign in and scroll down to Your tax returns & documents (you may need to select Show next to it to expand). Select 2016 and then select Download. tax file.

What is a.TAX file?

what is a. tax file? The TAX file type is used by TurboTax, a tax-filing software created by Intuit Inc. The software is solely used for the creation of US-based tax returns and cannot be used internationally. It can be used for both federal and state income tax returns.

How can I download my tax return from TurboTax?

To get a copy of your 2020 tax return that you filed this year, sign in to the account you used to file this year’s taxes and either: Select Download/print return if your return has been accepted. Scroll down to Your tax returns & documents (select Show if needed) and select Download/print return (PDF).

What is the difference between saving your return as a tax file and a PDF file?

In a nutshell, your tax data file can be read and edited in TurboTax, whereas your PDF file is a non-editable “snapshot” of your tax return that can be opened, viewed, and printed in a PDF viewer program.

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