A Company Who Complies With The Laws And Regulations Set By The Government Is:?

A corporation that satisfies the minimal degree of social responsibility anticipated by the public and complies with the rules and regulations established by the government is considered to be socially responsible. Which of the following is NOT an argument in support of social responsibility on the part of corporations? Reduces the incentive for the government to regulate.

What does it mean to comply with government regulations?

Ensuring that one is in compliance with government regulations.Statutes are laws that have been approved by legislative bodies and all enterprises, regardless of their nature, are required to comply with regulations (rules enacted by regulatory agencies to carry out the purposes of statutes).Statutes and regulations like these might originate from any level of government, including the federal, state, or municipal level.

Who enforces the laws and regulations that apply to organizations?

There are hundreds of agencies at all levels of government that are responsible for administering the rules and regulations that apply to organizations.These agencies, and often other organisations as well, offer advise to businesses in order to assist such businesses in comprehending and adhering to the rules and regulations that are relevant to them.Among these organizations and groups are some of the ones listed below:

Do all businesses have to comply with the law?

Statutes are laws that have been approved by legislative bodies and all enterprises, regardless of their nature, are required to comply with regulations (rules enacted by regulatory agencies to carry out the purposes of statutes). Statutes and regulations like these might originate from any level of government, including the federal, state, or municipal level.

What is regulatory compliance?

In the context of an organization’s attempts to ensure that it is aware of applicable laws, rules, and regulations and takes steps to comply with them, the term ″regulatory compliance″ refers to the objective that the organization strives to attain.

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How are government regulations established?

In most cases, a federal agency will first propose a regulation and then solicit feedback from the broader public about the proposal. After taking into account the feedback received from the public, the agency produces a final regulation, which may have changes that are a direct response to the comments.

What does it mean to be a good corporate citizen?

The concept of corporate citizenship emphasizes the significance of being socially responsible.The fulfillment of legal, economic, and ethical requirements is the shared responsibility of all parties involved, from stakeholders to employees.The next step is for corporations to unite their workforces and resources in an effort to raise the standard of living throughout society while maintaining their profitability.

What is philanthropic responsibility?

The concept of philanthropic responsibility relates to the efforts made by companies to improve both the globe and the society in which they operate. In addition to behaving in an ethical and ecologically responsible manner to the best of their abilities, businesses that are motivated by a sense of philanthropic duty frequently donate a percentage of their profits.

Which of the following example does not show a company guided by enlightened self-interest?

Which of the following does not demonstrate a business that is governed by enlightened self-interest? Citizenship on a Global Scale for Corporations

What is government regulation?

Regulation by the government. noun a law that regulates the ways in which a company can conduct its operations, or all of these laws taken into consideration together: GOVERNMENT; LAW; The electorate is in favor of some form of government regulation to forestall the occurrence of future economic catastrophes.

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What is government rules and regulations?

Definitions Related to This Topic When we talk about ″Government Rules,″ we’re referring to any and all laws, regulations, and guidelines that have been issued by a state or federal government, or any agency or department of either.Example 2.Example 3.The term ″Government Regulations″ refers to any legislation, statute, ordinance, regulation, or rules established by a government authority.

Who is a corporate citizen?

″Corporate citizenship is the recognition that a company, corporation, or business-like organization has social, cultural, and environmental responsibilities to the community in which it seeks a license to operate, in addition to economic and financial responsibilities to its shareholders or immediate stakeholders,″ ″Corporate citizenship″ is an acronym for ″corporate citizenship,″ and it means ″recognition of the existence of social, cultural, and environmental responsibilities.″

What is corporate social responsibility of business?

The term ″corporate social responsibility″ (CSR) refers to an all-encompassing notion in the world of business.Typically, it refers to a company’s pledge to conduct its operations in a manner that is moral and responsible.This requires them to manage their business operations while also taking into account the social, economic, and environmental consequences of those activities, as well as the rights of their employees.

What is corporate governance and good corporate citizenship?

The term ″corporate citizenship″ refers to the responsibility that a firm has toward society. The objective is to improve the quality of life and level of living in the communities that are in close proximity to them while simultaneously preserving profitability for the many stakeholders.

What is a corporate philanthropy?

The Council on Foundations defines ″corporate philanthropy″ as ″the investments and actions a firm conducts on its own will in order to appropriately manage and account for its influence on society.″ The giving of money is one of the most common forms of philanthropic investment and activity. Gifts in the form of products services provided for free.

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Who is responsible for CSR in a company?

Before a business to be considered socially responsible, it must first demonstrate that it is accountable to both its management and its shareholders.Businesses that decide to implement CSR programs have typically achieved a level of financial success that allows them to contribute to the communities in which they operate.As a result, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is often a strategy that is applied by major firms.

What is meant by corporate sustainability?

Corporate sustainability may be seen as the approach an organization takes to ensuring that it provides its goods and services in a way that is not only kind to the environment but also conducive to the company’s continued economic expansion.

When a company puts its commitment to social and environmental responsibility into practice worldwide not only locally or regionally it is called?

It is referred to as Global Corporate Citizenship, Corporate Citizenship, Social Responsibility, or Enlightened Self-Interest when a firm puts its commitment to social and environmental responsibility into effect not only locally or regionally, but also on a global scale.

When a company decides to publicize information collected by the organization or another party during a social audit we call that?

Corporate social reporting is the term used to describe what happens when an organization makes the decision to make the findings of a social audit public.

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