Which States Require Driver’s License For Tax Returns 2019? (Best solution)

During this tax filing season, more and more states are requiring tax return preparers to include driver’s license numbers (or another form of state-issued identification) on e-filings, as a measure to help combat identity and refund theft.

  • Alabama.
  • California.
  • Illinois.
  • Kansas.
  • Louisiana.
  • New York.
  • Ohio.
  • Virginia.

Is the IRS requiring drivers license?

The IRS does not require a driver’s license number on a federal tax return. When taxpayers or tax professionals are prompted for additional information, such as a driver’s license number, providing this detail will help stop tax-related identity theft.

Why is Turbotax asking for my driver’s license?

In an effort to help protect your identity and fight tax fraud, the IRS and many state tax offices are now asking that tax filers provide their driver’s license or state issued ID number. Providing this info is not required to file your taxes.

Can you efile without a driver’s license?

Returns can be e-filed for taxpayers without either a driver’s license number or a non-driver ID (such as a child or invalid) without being rejected for e-filing, but all e-filed individual returns that lack a number may be manually reviewed to determine if more information is needed to verify the taxpayer’s identity

Is ID required to file tax return?

The short answer is no; California driver’s license or state ID card information is not required to e-file a California tax return and tax returns will not be rejected if this information isn’t provided. They ask for your assistance to combat stolen-identity tax fraud and to protect taxpayers and their refunds.

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What all do I need to prove my identity for IRS?

What You Need to Verify Your Identity

  1. Your personal account number from a:
  2. A mobile phone associated with your name.
  3. Your 5071C letter, 5747C letter, 5447C letter, or 6331C letter.
  4. The income tax return (form 1040,1040-PR, 1040-NR, 1040-SR, etc.)
  5. You must also have your mailing address from your previous year’s tax return.

Do you need ID for Turbotax?

It is not necessary to provide ID information to file with Turbo Tax.

Can you use an expired driver’s license to file taxes?

You can still use it while expired, for return purposes. That won’t affect your return. It’s an additional measure to protect your identity but not required, in all states. There are only a couple states that require you to enter it in order to file.

What is needed to efile taxes?

When filing electronically: You must provide a copy of your Forms W-2 to the authorized IRS e-file provider before the provider sends the electronic return to the IRS. You don’t need to send your Forms W-2 to the IRS and should keep them in a safe place with a copy of your tax return.

Do you need ID to file taxes in Texas?

You don’t need a drivers license to file – it is totally optional.

Which states require ID before you can efile your return?

What states are requiring the information for electronically filed returns? At this time, only Alabama, Ohio and New York are requiring the driver’s license for electronically filing. California, Kansas, Louisiana, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin, are requesting (but not requiring) the information.

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