What Is Brass Tax? (Solved)

The phrase get down to brass tacks (not brass tax) is an Americanism dating from the 19th century. In the idiom, brass tacks means (1) the essentials, or (2) the basic facts, so to get down to brass tacks is to focus on the essentials.

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What does the term brass tax mean?

: details of immediate practical importance —usually used in the phrase get down to brass tacks.

Why do people say brass tax?

To make measuring the fabric easier, owners would hammer brass tacks at common intervals — a yard, half-yard and quarter-yard. So after the customer picked the cloth, the clerk would say something like, “ OK, I’ll measure it, so let’s get down to brass tacks.”

What does brass tacks come from?

Unknown. Earliest attestation in 1863 US, specifically Texas. One theory is that it comes from the brass tacks in the counter of a hardware store or draper’s shop used to measure cloth in precise units (rather than holding one end to the nose and stretching out the arm to approximately one yard).

What does brass it out mean?

Definition of brazen it out: to continue in a confident way without showing shame or embarrassment Despite the bad publicity, the candidate decided to brazen it out and stay in the race.

Why is dying referred to as kicking the bucket?

When friends came to pray for the deceased, before leaving the room they would sprinkle the body with holy-water. So intimately therefore was the bucket associated with the feet of deceased persons that it is easy to see how such a saying as ‘kick the bucket’ came about.

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Can’t cut the mustard meaning?

(also can’t cut the mustard) to not be able to deal with problems or difficulties in a satisfactory way: If he can’t cut it, then we’ll get someone else to do the job.

Is Brass Tacks cockney rhyming slang?

One other intriguing theory, however, suggests that “brass tacks” is actually Cockney rhyming slang. Rhyming slang, originally a “secret language” of the London criminal underworld, uses unrelated words and phrases (“trouble and strife”) to stand in for the word actually meant (in this classic example, “wife”).

What does the term nitty gritty mean?

: what is essential and basic: specific practical details get down to the nitty-gritty of the problem.

Where did no dice come from?

The phrase ‘no dice’ originated in America in the early 20th century. Gambling was illegal in several states, making gamblers take care to hide their dice or even swallow them if challenged by authorities. Courts would often throw gambling cases out if no dice were in evidence.

Is it brass tax or brass tacks?

The proper spelling of this expression is “ brass tacks ” not “brass tax.” If you want to “get down to brass tacks,” that means to get down to the core of something or to get down to the issue or task at hand.

Does copper and zinc make brass?

Brass is mainly an alloy that consists of copper with zinc added. Brasses can have varying amounts of zinc or other elements added. These varying mixtures produce a wide range of properties and variation in color.

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What does it’s a small world mean?

Definition of (it’s a) small world — used to show surprise when one meets someone one knows at an unexpected place or finds out that one shares a friend, acquaintance, etc., with another person You know him, too? Wow, it’s a small world.

What does brass mean in slang?

noun, slang A prostitute. From Cockney rhyming slang, in which “brass” is a shortening of “brass flute,” “brass door,” “brass dart,” or “brass nail,” which rhyme with “prostitute,” “whore,” “tart,” and “tail,” respectively.

What is the meaning of Rambunctions?

Definition of rambunctious: marked by uncontrollable exuberance: unruly.

What does it mean to have revelation?

2a: an act of revealing to view or making known. b: something that is revealed especially: an enlightening or astonishing disclosure shocking revelations. c: a pleasant often enlightening surprise her talent was a revelation.

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