What Does “civil Disobedience” Suggest About The Public Opinion Of Tax Evasion In Thoreau’s Time? (Question)

What does “Civil Disobedience” suggest about the public opinion of tax evasion in Thoreau’s time? The evasion of taxes was considered highly disrespectful to the state. If allowed to continue, tax evasion was a serious offense. Tax evasion was one of the more grave crimes one could commit.

What is Thoreau’s concept of Civil Disobedience?

Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience espouses the need to prioritize one’s conscience over the dictates of laws. When a government is unjust, people should refuse to follow the law and distance themselves from the government in general.

What did Thoreau believe in Civil Disobedience pave the way?

Answer Expert Verified In “Civil Disobedience,” Thoreau championed the idea that if a government is not going to improve itself, then it is the duty of the people to refuse to support it. This paved the way for non-violent protests, such as those led by Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr.

How did Thoreau’s general opinion of government relate to his imprisonment as described in Civil Disobedience quizlet?

If allowed to continue, tax evasion was a serious offense. What is Thoreau’s first thought upon being imprisoned in “Civil Disobedience”? He considers the prison a foolish institution. It fortified the beliefs of those who thought the government acted unfairly.

Should Thoreau have refused to pay his poll tax Why or why not?

Thoreau had hoped to use his jail time and refusal to pay the tax to raise awareness about the issue of the Mexican-American war and Staples described him as “mad as the devil” when he learned someone had paid his tax for him and he was free to go.

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What is the main theme of Thoreau’s civil disobedience?

The main themes in “Civil Disobedience” are individual conscience and action, just and unjust laws, and democracy in the United States. Individual conscience and action: Thoreau emphasizes the importance of each citizen’s discernment in assessing the correct course of action.

What reason and evidence does Thoreau offer in civil disobedience to justify his view that people who truly serve the state are those who often resist it?

In essence, Thoreau argues that the people who truly serve the state are those willing to use “tough love.” They’re willing to put their foot down and say “no” when they see the government trying to achieve its ends by immoral or unethical means.

Why did Henry Thoreau write Civil Disobedience?

Throughout his life, Thoreau emphasized the importance of individuality and self-reliance. He practiced civil disobedience in his own life and spent a night in jail for his refusal to pay taxes in protest of the Mexican War. It is thought that this night in jail prompted Thoreau to write Civil Disobedience.

Is Civil Disobedience what is Thoreau’s view of the state at the end of the essay?

In “Civil Disobedience,” what is Thoreau’s view of the state at the end of the essay? He feels sorry for the state for not acting in a sensible way.

What is the main idea of Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau quizlet?

Terms in this set (8) Civil Disobedience- What is the main idea? People have the right to passively (non-aggressive) resist the government.

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Why didn’t Henry Thoreau pay his taxes?

In 1846, Henry David Thoreau spent a night in the Concord jail after deciding not to pay his poll tax. This tax was collected from every adult, regardless of income. Thoreau had not paid the annual poll tax for six years in protest against Massachusetts’ support of slavery and the Mexican War.

Who got Thoreau out of jail?

At any rate, it is true that Thoreau spent one night in jail for his principled act of tax evasion. He was released the next day after someone (probably his aunt Maria Thoreau) paid the tax for him. Perhaps it’s more accurate to say Constable Sam Staples kicked him out of jail.

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