How Do Tax Assessors Calculate Square Footage? (Question)

County assessors measure the perimeter of a house to calculate the square footage, Oliver said. “We draw every nook and cranny. The appraiser starts at one corner and goes all the way around.” The method is at least superficially similar to the ANSI-approved standard for measuring houses.

How is the square footage of a home determined?

  • The assessor bases the square footage of the home on tax information they receive from the county, city or other agency.

How does an assessor determine square footage?

An agent may calculate square footage based on how much living space there is —in other words, areas of the home that are heated such as the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and so on. The appraiser, on the other hand, evaluates the total value of a home.

How is taxable square footage calculated?

DEFINITION OF SQUARE FOOTAGE NUMBERS USED ON TAX ROLLS: = Total finished living area (with AC) Not to include open porches, balconies, terraces carports or garages. Total Sq. Ft. =The sum total of all measured areas including living area, covered porches, covered patios, carports & garages.

Are tax records accurate for square footage?

Square footage will affect your home’s assessed value, but it also has an affect on how much property tax you pay. If the actual measurements result in more square footage than the county tax assessment office has recorded, using the higher square footage calculation could increase the value of your home.

How do appraisers determine price per square foot?

Adjusting for Size For instance, if a 3,500-square-foot house in a neighborhood sells for $500,000 while a similar but larger 3,700-square-foot house sells for $525,000, the appraiser can calculate a price per square foot for the market by dividing the two prices by the sizes of the two homes.

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Does square footage matter in appraisal?

Having Different Square Footage Could Work in Your Favor Sellers want the appraisal to show more square footage because that raises the chances that the house will appraise for the value of the contract. Buyers want the square footage to be higher because that means they’re getting more house than they expected.

Does appraisal go by square footage?

Value: Appraisers do not give value to square footage based on construction costs, but rather the reaction in the marketplace to extra size. Think of it in terms of a kitchen remodel or pool. Just because a kitchen costs $75,000 to remodel does not automatically mean you’ll see $75,000 in value in the resale market.

Does square footage include upstairs?

To be included in the square footage, an attic would first need to meet the same criteria as any other space — heating, flooring, ceiling and wall covering. The second level of a 1.5-story home often can be included in the finished square footage count, but only if the ceilings are of sufficient height.

Is a basement included in square footage?

As a general rule of thumb, listing agents and appraisers don’t count a finished basement toward the overall square footage, especially if the basement is completely below grade—a term that means below ground level. Whether an appraiser includes basement living space ultimately depends on which state you live in.

What if home square footage is wrong?

Providing a wrong or conflicting square footage might lead to a real estate lawsuit. If you see the MLS is inaccurate, you should also notify the local MLS office and advise your clients to get a survey and appraisal for their property due to the discrepancies. Make sure to document everything.

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What if house has wrong square footage?

If you believe that the public records are inaccurate, you should contact your local assessment department to request that the data be reviewed. The process varies by location; some may ask you to file an appeal or submit a grievance.

What if appraisal has wrong square footage?

Listing Incorrect Square Footage Will Cost You $$$ Overstate the square footage and you could have issues when the buyer’s lender orders a home appraisal for the loan process. Understate the square footage and you will miss out on receiving the full value of your house.

How does an appraiser adjust for square footage?

Adjustments are calculated by multiplying an adjustment factor times the quantity difference between the subject and comparable. For example, if the GLA for the subject is 2200 sq ft and for a comparable, 2000 sq ft, the difference, 200 sq ft would be multiplied by the adjustment factor.

What is a fair price per square foot?

According to the latest estimates, the median price for each square foot for a home in the United States is $123. But that can vary widely based on where you live and other factors. For instance, on the low end, you’ll pay $24 a square foot in Detroit. On the expensive end, in San Francisco, $810.

Do appraisers use a formula?

There is no official appraisal formula and making a fair appraisal depends on knowledge and experience in the real estate market. You might be able to use these factors to determine the value of your property, but the best way to find out the value of your home is to hire a professional.

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