Which States Have Helmet Laws?

A State-by-State Guide to the Laws Regarding Motorcycle Helmets

Helmet Required: All Ages Helmet Required: 20 Yrs & Younger Helmet Required:18 Yrs & Younger Helmet Required: 17 Yrs & Younger
Alabama Arkansas Delaware Alaska
California Florida Arizona
District of Columbia Kentucky Colorado
Georgia Michigan Connecticut

The majority of states have enacted legislation that makes it mandatory for motorcycle riders and their passengers to wear helmets.Some states, including Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Indiana, New Mexico, Utah, and Maine, mandate that riders and passengers under the age of 18 wear helmets whenever they are on a motorcycle or ATV.Laws mandating the use of helmets by motorcyclists of any age can be found in several states.

What are the different states with motorcycle helmet laws?

Laws Regarding the Use of Motorcycle Helmets, State by State 1 Law requiring motorcyclists to wear helmets in Colorado Helmet use is voluntary in the state of Colorado for adults operating motorcycles or riding as passengers on such vehicles.The Connecticut Motorcycle Helmet Law applies to all operators and passengers under the age of 2.3 Required Head Protection for Motorcyclists in Delaware 4 Motorcycle Helmet Law in the District of Columbia in Washington D.C.5 Required Use of a Helmet in the State of Florida Additional things

Are helmets mandatory in Iowa and Indiana?

Only motorcyclists and drivers under the age of 18 are required by law in the state of Indiana to wear protective headgear such as a helmet and glasses, goggles, or face shields that are see-through.There is no mandatory helmet use in Iowa.In 1976, the state legislature of Iowa decided to do away with its required helmet regulation.As of the year 2013, there are bills in Iowa’s legislature that would bring back the state’s obligatory helmet law.

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Do you have to wear a helmet in Utah?

Helmets that are in accordance with the criteria specified by the United States Department of Transportation are obligatory for motorcycle operators and riders under the age of 18 in the state of Utah (DOT). There is an exception to this rule for motorbikes with closed-in passenger compartments.

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