What Was The Purpose Of Certificate Of Need Con Laws?

Laws known as certificates of need, or CONs, are state regulatory processes that are used to authorize significant capital expenditures and projects for specific types of health care institutions.

What is a certificate of need (CON)?

A certificate of need, often known as a CON, is an official document that must be presented in order to initiate the building of a new medical institution. Beginning in December 2021, CONs will be obligatory in a total of 35 states in the United States.

What is the purpose of a certificate of need?

  1. What does it mean to have a Certificate of Need?
  2. A Certificate of Need, sometimes known as a CON, is an endorsement that is required by a number of states prior to permitting the building of a new health care facility.
  3. The notion that overbuilding and duplication in health care facilities contributes to increased expenditures for health care is the fundamental principle underlying CON legislation.

Is California a con State?

The CON requirement was revoked by the federal government in 1987, and during the 1980s, individual states started winding down their respective CON systems. By the year 1990, a total of 12 states, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Minnesota, New Mexico, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin, and Wyoming, had gotten rid of their CON programs. These states included:

Is Minnesota a con State?

*Arizona, Minnesota, and Wisconsin do not have an official certificate of need program; however, these states do have a variety of certification systems that operate in a manner that is comparable to a CON statute.

Is Louisiana a con State?

  1. Louisiana: Louisiana possesses a facility need evaluation process, which the state does not consider to be a CON requirement but which performs very similarly to a CON process in terms of its functionality.
  2. As of March 24th, Louisiana halted the review process in an effort to oppose COVID-19.
  3. On April 10th, the state of Maine started issuing emergency CONs, although the state government has not taken any steps to abolish CON statutes.
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Is Wisconsin a con State?

Although Wisconsin does not have a CON legislation, it does have limits on the number of people who can be employed in five different service areas. When the state exceeds certain criteria, suppliers will no longer be permitted to expand the amount of supply they offer.

Is Florida a con State?

With an effective date of July 1, 2021, Florida will be following in the footsteps of other states such as New Hampshire and Wisconsin by reducing the scope of the Certificate of Need (CON) program that applies to speciality hospitals.

Is New Jersey a con State?

An Overview of the Certificate of Need (CON) New Jersey, much like a number of other states, has a comprehensive CON procedure in place for the provision of healthcare services and facilities. Getting permission for a CON application is typically a challenging and time-consuming endeavor on the part of the applicant.

Does PA have CON laws?

Despite last-minute efforts to approve a one-year extension before the Pennsylvania General Assembly adjourned, Pennsylvania’s certificate of need (CON) statute was allowed to expire on December 18, 1996. This was despite the fact that the General Assembly of Pennsylvania had just finished its session.

Is North Carolina a con State?

Certificate of Need (CON) programs can be found in the other 35 states in addition to North Carolina’s. Before opening a new location, expanding an existing one, or providing a new kind of service, health providers are required by CON legislation to acquire the consent of a state board.

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