What Are Some Laws That Should Be Made?

Laws That Are Required To Take Effect

  1. Reduce the legal drinking age to 18 across the country. Because, come on, let’s not deny the obvious. Whether or not it is something that parents like to hear, there are a lot of teens that drink.
  2. It is unacceptable to permit smoking by women who are pregnant. It is unfortunate but true that some women who are pregnant continue to smoke
  3. Texting while behind the wheel ought to be against the law on a nationwide level. Sadly, there are a lot of moron drivers out there that text while they are behind the wheel.

What is an example of a good law?

, Finished a portion of my education at Roger Williams College in the field of law. Laws that protect the quality of life include those that make it illegal to gamble on the street, urinate in public, throw trash on the ground, and sleep in public places where it is not permitted. In their most basic form, all laws are beneficial because they serve to protect us from other people.

What makes a law ‘good’?

To answer your question, a law will nearly always result in a ″good law″ if it is crafted within the framework of a Supreme Constitution and, as a consequence, is susceptible to judicial scrutiny. This is because a ″good law″ is a legislation that is upheld by the majority of the population (review by the courts to test its compliance with the Constitution if necessary ).

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