How Does Newton’S Universal Law Of Gravitation Explain Kepler’S Laws?

What kind of explanation does Newton’s Universal Law of Gravitation provide for Kepler’s laws? Because of universal gravity, Kepler’s first rule states that the orbits of the planets must be elliptical. [Citation needed] Kepler’s second rule states that universal gravity means that the planets will cover equal amounts of ground in similar amounts of time.

What is Newton’s Law of universal gravitation?

  • Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation and Kepler’s Law of Planetary Motion are two of the most important laws in planetary science.
  • The relationship was used to depict the attractive force that exists between the sun and the planets, where r represents a line that is traced across the centers of both entities.
  • According to this rule, any thing in the cosmos that possesses a mass will attract every other such object.

How do Kepler’s laws of planetary motion relate to Newton’s law?

What kind of connection can be made between Kepler’s rules of planetary motion and Newton’s law of universal gravitation? The force of universal gravity is what controls and explains the motion of planets.

How does universal gravitation relate to the motion of planets?

  • Kepler’s third law states that because of universal gravity, planets that are located further away from the sun will have a slower rate of motion than planets that are located closer to the sun.
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  • Kepler’s second rule states that because of universal gravity, a planet’s rate of orbital motion will be greater when it is closer to the Sun in its orbit than when it is further away from the Sun.
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What is the relation between Kepler’s third law and gravity?

  • (2) The dependence on distance and mass according to the third law of Kepler.
  • Compare this to the rule that governs the force of gravity, The gravitational force that is experienced by a planet is proportional to its mass and inversely proportional to the square of its distance from the sun.
  • This information may be derived from Kepler’s third law, which is an important component of the final form of the law of force.

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