What is the matching law

What is matching law in ABA?

According to matching law, organisms distribute their behavior between two or more concurrent schedules of reinforcement.

What is generalized matching law?

in behavioral studies, a formula in the form of a power function (y = axb ) that describes the choice between two alternatives in terms of the ratio (y) of rates of occurrence of (or time spent in) each alternative and the ratio (x) of the rates of reinforcement of the two alternatives.

What is behavioral contrast in ABA?

Behavioral contrast occurs in a multiple schedule of reinforcement or punishment and describes what happens when a change in the schedule of one part of the reinforcement or punishment changes a behavior in an opposite direction in the other component of the schedule.

What is the Premack principle in psychology?

The Premack principle is a principle of reinforcement which states that an opportunity to engage in more probable behaviors (or activities) will reinforce less probable behaviors (or activities). … In this study, highly preferred activities were effective as reinforcers for less preferred behaviors.

What is the Premack principle ABA?

The Premack Principle states that a high probability behavior (high P) will reinforce a low probability behavior (low P). Essentially, any behavior that a child is likely to engage in on her own may reinforce a less preferred behavior.

What is the difference between a primary and secondary reinforcer?

Primary Reinforcer vs Secondary Reinforcer

While a primary reinforcer is innate, a secondary reinforcer is a stimulus that becomes reinforcing after being paired with a primary reinforcer, such as praise, treats, or money.

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What is ratio strain?

November 19, 2018 /in Glossary /by LeafWing Center. This term is used to describe a situation in which the required amount of work (or responses) no longer produce the desired behaviors that were previously produced by lower requirements. For example, you give your daughter $5 for cleaning her room.

What is concurrent schedules of reinforcement?


: Two or more schedules of reinforcement (e.g., FR, VR, Fl, VI) are simultaneously available. Each alternative is associated with a separate schedule of reinforcement and the organism is free to distribute behavior to the schedules.

What is behavioral momentum in ABA?

Behavioral momentum is a behavioral strategy that entails making requests that are easy for the child before making requests that are more challenging or difficult. …

What is stimulus equivalence ABA?

Stimulus Equivalence has been achieved when ALL reflexive, symmetrical and transitive matching has been learned. Equivalence Class is the collection of stimuli that evoke the same behavior. Once an equivalence class has been established, it remains functional long after training.

What is this effect eats more cookies called?

Tim then eats more cookies in her absence. What is this effect (eats more cookies) called? behavioral contrast.

How do you use the Premack principle?

The Premack Principle in Action

Parents use the Premack principle when they ask children to eat their dinner (low probability behavior) before eating dessert (high probability behavior). Over time, the child learns to eat dinner in order to gain access to the preferred behavior of eating dessert.

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What is another name for the Premack principle?

In Applied Behavior Analysis, the Premack principle is sometimes known as “grandma’s rule,” which states that making the opportunity to engage in high-frequency behavior contingent upon the occurrence of low-frequency behavior will function as a reinforcer for the low-frequency behavior.

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