What does law stand for

What is the abbreviation for law?

LAWAcronymDefinitionLAWLawyer At WorkLAWLocal Area WirelessLAWLeeds Animation WorkshopLAWLanguage Arts and Writing (course)

What does or stand for in law?

own recognizance

What does LW stand for?

AcronymDefinitionLWLeft WingLWLightwave (NewTek)LWLight WeightLWLimewire (p2p software)

What does NHD mean in law?

responsible natural hazard disclosure company

What does R stand for in law?

The letter R commonly represents Regina, the latin term for the Queen. In criminal proceedings, “R” refers to the Crown or the Commonwealth.

What are the 5 types of law?

In the United States, the law is derived from five sources: constitutional law, statutory law, treaties, administrative regulations, and the common law (which includes case law).

What are the 7 types of law?

Terms in this set (7)

  • The Constitution. supreme body of laws that govern our country.
  • Statutory law. written or codified law such as legislative acts, declaring, commanding, or prohibiting something.
  • Common or Case Law. …
  • Civil Law (Private law) …
  • Criminal Law. …
  • Equity Law. …
  • Administrative Law.

What does AA mean in law?

AGE. The time when the law allows persons to do acts which, for want of years, they were prohibited from doing before. See Coop. Justin. 446.

What does PFS mean in legal terms?

Proposals for settlement

What does it mean low key?

Low-key can variously mean “quiet,” “restrained,” “moderate,” or “easygoing.” It can also behave as an adverb meaning “of low or moderate intensity.” Like doing something, but in a “chill” way. For instance: We’re having a party at my place but keeping it low-key so the neighbors don’t complain.

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What does LW mean in business?

What does LW stand for?Rank Abbr.MeaningLWLimited WarrantyLWLock WasherLWLower WestLWLouisville and Wadley Railway Company

What does LW mean in school?

Lesson CodesCodeDescriptionLsLife SkillsLwLawMaMathsMnManufacturing

What does D stand for in court?

District Attorney

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