How to spell brother in law

Should brother in law be hyphenated?

for example: a pick-me-up, mother-in-law, good-hearted. Use a hyphen to link a relationship term: sister-in-law, mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother-in-law, … But we don’t need to use hyphens in every type of compound word.

Is brother in law one word?

noun, plural broth·ers-in-law.

the brother of one’s spouse. … the husband of one’s spouse’s sister or brother.

What do you call your brother in law?

Commonly a sibling-in-law is the relationship that exists between a person’s sibling and the person’s spouse. … In Indian English this can be referred to as a co-sibling (specificity a co-sister, for the wife of one’s sibling-in-law, or co-brother, for the husband of one’s sibling-in-law).

Is my husbands brother in law also my brother in law?

You might call him your “brother-in-law”, but the husband of your sister-in-law is technically no relation of yours at all. He is “the husband of your sister-in-law.” What is my husbands, sister’s husband to me?

What is a brother in law’s wife called?

Your brother-in law is either your wife’s brother, or your sister’s husband. So, this man’s wife is either your wife’s sister-in law, or your own sister. Her name?

Who is a son in law?

noun, plural sons-in-law.

the husband of one’s child.

Who qualifies as a sister in law?

noun, plural sis·ters-in-law.

the sister of one’s spouse. the wife of one’s brother or sister. the wife of one’s spouse’s sister or brother.

Who can be a brother in law?

The definition of brother in law is a man who is related to you through marriage to your spouse or sibling, not through blood. An example of a brother in law is your sister’s husband. An example of a brother in law is your husband’s brother.

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Can you marry your brother in law?

As far as I am aware, there is no law against marrying a sister or brother in law. The purpose of the laws are to prevent people who are biologically related within certain degrees from marrying each other. There would be no particular reason to stop a sister or brother in law from marrying, legally at least.

Is there a brother in law day?

There is practically a day set aside each year for nearly every member of the family. Unfortunately there is no National Brother-In-Law Day or National Sister-In-Law Day.

Who is a co brother?

Noun. co-brother (plural co-brothers or co-brethren) colleague (“brother” in the same craft, occupation, or society) quotations ▼ My co-brethren of the quill. (India) One’s spouse’s sibling’s husband.

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