Who sang i fought the law and the law won

Who recorded I Fought the Law and the Law Won?

The Bobby Fuller Four

What movie was the song I Fought the Law in?

Что делать в случае пожара

What happened to Bobby Fuller?

Texas guitarist and singer Bobby Fuller had barely found his way into the national limelight in 1966, with his group’s soon-to-be-classic reworking of a song first recorded by Buddy Holly’s band the Crickets, when he died mysteriously of asphyxiation in Los Angeles. He was 23.

When did I Fought the Law come out?

1977 г.

What album is I Fought the Law on?

The Clash

What killed Bobby Fuller?

July 18, 1966

How did Fuller die?

The car had been in the parking lot outside the apartment for 30 minutes before his mother discovered the body. Bruises covered Fuller’s arms and body, prompting speculation that he had been beaten or dragged. Early news reports attributed Fuller’s death to suicide by asphyxiation from the gas fumes.

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