Which States Have Open Carry Laws?

Open Carry States List

State Open Carry? Notes
Alabama Yes Cannot carry in a vehicle or near a scho
Alaska Yes
Arizona Yes
Arkansas Maybe Probably Legal. There is some conflictin

What are the laws for open carry in the US?

(Full List) Laws surrounding the ability to openly carry firearms in the United States might vary significantly from state to state. The complete list of states that permit open carry is as follows: Some states allow citizens to carry concealed or loaded firearms without the need to get a permission or license, while others do not. (11)

Which states allow open carry of guns without permits?

  • According to the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, carrying a handgun openly and without a permit is legal in thirty-one states across the US.
  • These states include Colorado, Vermont, and Kentucky.
  • Included in this number are Massachusetts and Oklahoma, which are two of the thirteen states that allow open carry with a permit.
  • There are now six states that make it illegal to carry any type of handgun openly, and California and Texas are two of them.

Can you open carry a gun in a public place?

  • According to the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, even in states where citizens are legally permitted to openly carry a variety of firearms, there may be specific restrictions placed on certain locations.
  • These locations may include government buildings, schools, public transportation, and establishments where alcoholic beverages are served.
  • The requirement that weapons be unloaded to be carried openly in some states is not universal.
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Which states have concealed carry laws in the US?

These statutes are in effect in the following states: 1 American Samoa 2 Connecticut 3 Georgia 4 Guam 5 Hawaii 6 Indiana 7 Iowa (permitting concealed carry inside city borders) 8 Maryland 9 Massachusetts 10 Minnesota New Jersey, number 11 12 Oklahoma 13 Rhode Island 14 Tennessee 15 Texas 16 Utah

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