What Laws Of Behavior And Attitude Does Polyphemus Violate?

The principle of hospitality is broken by Polyphemus more flagrantly than any other social norm. The practice of hospitality had a far higher value in ancient Greece and across most of the rest of the ancient world.

Which ″rules″ of behavior and attitude does Polyphemus break with his attitude and actions? He transgresses not only the norm of hospitality but also the commandment of paying respect to the gods as well as the taboo against cannibalism.

What is the Cyclops attitude toward laws?

What is the Cyclops’ perspective on the rule of law? They are not blessed by any rules, and there is no order in their society. Why does Odysseus insist on staying within the cave until after the cyclops had returned to it?

How did Polyphemus violate Xenia?

Zeus expressed his satisfaction of Odysseus’ conduct by remarking, ″there is no mortal half so smart.″ Odysseus’ journey began in the land of the Trojans. (Homer, Book I) As a matter of fact, Polyphemus was the one who officially breached the code of xenia initially when he questioned his visitors without also giving them with a meal, hence Odysseus’ actions were completely appropriate.

What did Polyphemus do wrong?

According to Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Polyphemus had feelings for Galatea, a Nereid from Sicily, and as a result, he murdered Acis, her boyfriend.

What Greek law does Polyphemus violate When he finds Odysseus and his men in his cave?

Odysseus depends on the expectation of hospitality as he enters the cave of Polyphemus and helps himself to food and shelter as soon as he gets inside. However, when Polyphemus returns, we observe that he does not adhere to the standards of Greek hospitality. Due his father is the deity Poseidon, he does not follow these guidelines because of his father’s position.

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What does Polyphemus throw at Odysseus ship?

However, once they had successfully fled and were safely aboard their ship, Odysseus reached out to the blind cyclops and revealed his true identity to him. In a fit of wrath, Polyphemus tossed a massive rock into the water, nearly causing Odysseus’ ship to crash onto the shore.

What is one thing that Odysseus does not do before attacking Polyphemus?

Odysseus chooses to ignore the advise of his soldiers and stay in the cave until the Cyclops has finished his business there. What justification does Odysseus provide for remaining where he is? The ancient Greeks had a regulation that required them to be polite to those they did not know. What actions does Polyphemus take that are contrary to this law?

Who violates xenia in the Odyssey?

When Paris was a guest at Menelaus’ house, he violated xenia; Odysseus hunts for xenia in the meaning of ″hospitable welcome″ in a broad range of scenarios in the Book of Knots.

How did Odysseus break the rules of xenia?

Cave notwithstanding), Odysseus is in violation of the rules of Xenia.He is the epitome of a rude and unwelcome visitor.In point of fact, Odysseus is doubly responsible in this scenario because not only does he blind his so-called host, but he also has the audacity to take his cheese!In a same manner, Odysseus demonstrates a shocking lack of hospitality by killing all 108 suitors within his own home.

What was Polyphemus curse?

What exactly does it mean when Polyphemus curses Odysseus? The Prophecy of the Cyclops: ″Hear me, Poseidon. ″ If it is true that you are my father and you admit that you are my father, then I ask that you allow that Odysseus, who calls himself the Sacker of Cities and the son of Laertes, may never return to his home in Ithaca.

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How does Polyphemus treat his guests?

Instead of bringing food, they bring presents for Polyphemus and help themselves to his meals. Polyphemus, on the other hand, is not under the impression that he has an obligation to provide a pleasant experience for his visitors. It is at this point that Odysseus gives him the warning that the gods will punish him if he does not offer hospitality.

Why is Polyphemus blinded?

The Greeks handed Polyphemus wine that had not been watered down, which caused the giant to grow sleepy and helpless.Odysseus responded to the giant’s question about his identity by saying that his name was Nobody.After some time, the cyclops succumbed to slumber.After that, the Greeks proceeded to sharpen a big stick, which they then drove into the cyclops’ solitary eye, causing him to go blind.

What does the Cyclops do that violates the Greek Code of Xenia?

First, the Cyclops Polyphemus is unable to give Odysseus and his men with food since he consumes all of it himself. This causes the other men to go hungry. While he is eating, he looks up and sees Odysseus and his soldiers in the light of his flame. He exclaims, ″Strangers!″ as soon as he sees them.

How does Odysseus trick Cyclops?

Odysseus takes advantage of the time that the cyclops is away with his sheep to fashion a spike out of a piece of wood and then hone it in the fire. After that, he gets the cyclops intoxicated with wine by giving it to him, and then he informs the cyclops that his name is ″Nobody.″ Odysseus uses the tempered stake to put the cyclops to sleep, at which point he proceeds to blind him.

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Why does Odysseus give Polyphemus the Cyclops wine?

Odysseus gives the Cyclops some of his potent wine in the hopes that it will either impair the Cyclops’ reflexes or put him to sleep. In order to move on with his scheme, Odysseus lies to the Cyclops and says that his name is Nobdy. The Cyclops divulges his intention to consume Nohbdy when he has finished devouring the other guys.

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