Turbo Tax How To Start Over?

In your web browser, use your app login to sign in at TurboTax.com and open or continue your return. Go to the menu on the left side and select Tax Tools, and then select Clear Start Over. Answer Yes in the pop-up to confirm. Select Sign out at the very bottom of the left menu.

How do I start over on TurboTax after paying?

Since you have already paid, you cannot use the option to Clear & Start over. If you haven’t filed your return, you can go back through each section to make any changes. If you already filed your return & it has been accepted, to make any changes you would need to amend your return. Amended returns must be mailed.

How do I delete everything from TurboTax and start over?

How do I just erase everything and start over

  1. If you haven’t already done so, sign in at TurboTax.com.
  2. On the welcome back screen, in the left-side menu, select Tax Tools, and then select Clear & Start Over (click or tap the 3 lines in the upper-left corner if you don’t see this menu).

Can I delete and start over on TurboTax desktop?

You can delete a tax return from within the TurboTax Windows Desktop Program on the very first screen after starting the program or go to File-Open. Click on the large square icon representing the file you wish to delete (avoid clicking the blue “Continue” button). Then just hit your delete key and answer the prompt.

Can you start and stop TurboTax?

Yes, you can start your tax return now and finish later. TurboTax Online will automatically save the information you’ve added. Make sure to remember your login and password to continue where you left off, when you’re ready to complete your return.

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Can I delete my tax return and start again?

Here’s how to clear an online return and start over. A return that has been paid for or registered cannot be cleared. Sign in and open your return (“Take me to my return.”) Once the return is open and past the blue-green screen, click in the left menu column on TAX TOOLS, then select ” Clear & Start Over.”

Can you cancel your taxes on TurboTax?

An e-filed tax return cannot be canceled, retrieved or changed. You will have to wait for the IRS to either accept or reject the tax return.

How do I restart my TurboTax Form 2021?

How do I restart my taxes

  1. Sign in to TurboTax Online and open your return by clicking the orange Take me to my return button.
  2. Select the My Account dropdown menu located in the top right of your screen (see attached my account)
  3. Select Clear & Start Over (see attached clear and start over)

How do I delete a tax return on TurboTax 2020?


  1. Open or continue your return in TurboTax.
  2. In the left menu, select Tax Tools and then Tools.
  3. In the pop-up window Tool Center, choose Delete a form.
  4. Select Delete next to the form/schedule/worksheet in the list and follow the instructions.

How do I cancel my TurboTax?

Here’s what to do:

  1. With your tax return open, select File (if you don’t see this, select the menu or 3-line icon).
  2. Proceed through the screens until you reach the Just a few steps left screen, then select Start or Revisit next to Step 1: Review Your Order.
  3. On the Your order summary screen, select Remove TurboTax Live.

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