What is diversion in law

What does a diversion mean?

1 : the act or an instance of diverting or straying from a course, activity, or use : deviation Bad weather forced the diversion of several flights. 2 : something that diverts or amuses : pastime Hiking is one of her favorite diversions.

What are examples of diversion programs?

There are a wide variety of diversion program types, including:

  • teen/youth courts;
  • mental health courts;
  • restorative justice interventions;
  • truancy prevention/intervention programs; and.
  • mentoring programs.

Is a diversion program a guilty plea?

Diversion can seem similar to plea bargaining in that some forms of diversion do require a person to plead guilty to the charges. … A successful completion of the diversion program will usually result in the charges being dismissed entirely, and thus no criminal conviction will be recorded.

What is another word for diversion?

What is another word for diversion?deviationdeflectionredirectionreroutingdistractionaberrationalterationchangeturningvariation

Which are the three advantages of diversion programs?

Benefits of Court Diversion

  • financial restitution for their loss.
  • a written or in-person apology.
  • the opportunity to voice their views and participate in a restorative justice process.
  • learning about the circumstances surrounding the offense.
  • knowledge of the effectiveness of Diversion in preventing future criminal behavior.

What are the advantages of diversion programs?

Diversion can also be less costly than other criminal justice processing. In many cases treatment or counseling is less expensive than prosecution and incarceration. The most obvious benefit of diversion programs is that they avoid the expense and harshness of the full operation of the criminal law.

What is diversion probation?

The concept of diversion is that the individual is given an opportunity outside of the formal criminal justice system, often through an informal method. Diversion can occur from any part of the criminal justice system—prison, jail, probation, and/or adjudication.

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What happens if you fail diversion?

If you fail diversion, you will be convicted of the DUII charge and sentenced without a trial. … Diversion termination and sentencing usually happens at a “show cause” hearing. It is vitally important that you take your obligations seriously and successfuly complete the program.

How do I get off diversion early?

You can apply for early release if you meet certain stipulations (such as you have served 1/3 of your diversion program, finishing your community service and all other court mandates, and have not committed another crime during your diversion). With that being said, you can apply and the judge can deny the request.

What can you use diversion for?

Details of the Adult Diversion Scheme. Diversion is a scheme that provides an opportunity for Police to deal with some offences and/or offenders without going through formal court prosecution. The purposes of diversion are to: address offending behaviour that has resulted in charges.

Can I own a gun after pre trial diversion?

Even if you successfully complete a felony pre-trial diversion and the charges are dismissed, and even if you then have the record expunged, you still cannot legally own a firearm or…

What is the opposite of diversion?

Antonyms for diversion

Staying, task, vocation, work, agreement, conformity, chore, sameness, conforming.

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