What does federal law say about certifying officers

What does the federal law say about departmental accountable officials?

What does Federal law say about Departmental Accountable Officials? DoD may use them; if they are used, they only have limited pecuniary liability. What does Federal law say about Certifying Officers? DoD must use them, and they have full pecuniary liability.

What is an authorizing official’s status regarding travel documents in DTS?

What is an Authorizing Official’s status regarding travel documents in DTS? They are Certifying Officers when approving travel documents that contain payments, and Departmental Accountable Officials at all other times.

Which is a responsibility of a certifying officer?

What is a “certifying officer”? agencies, are responsible for verifying that payments made by the Federal Government are legal, proper, and correct. The verification involves certifying a voucher for which a disbursement will be made.

Who Cannot be appointed as a departmental accountable official?

The Secretary of Defense may not designate as Departmental Accountable Officials individuals who are otherwise accountable, such as certifying or disbursing officers. 10 U.S.C. § 2773a(b)(2).

When there is more than one certifying officer at a particular command?

When there are more than one Certifying Officer at a particular command, all of the Certifying Officers will use a common electronic certification.

Which of the following is the certifying officer not accountable for?

In making a certification, CERTIFYING Officers are not responsible for: CERTIFYING vouchers for payment. The existence, accuracy and legality of information on a voucher. Illegal, improper or incorrect payments. Obtaining the signature of a Disbursing OFFICER before validating the certification.

Which expense does DTS automatically distribute in a group authorization?

The distribution of expenses is required before the AO can approve the group authorization. The primary traveler, NDEA, or any Routing Official may make the distri- butions. Note: In group authorizations, DTS always disperses lodging costs and meals and incidentals expenses (M&IE) entitlements among the travelers.

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Which permission level allows a routing official?

Permission level 2

Which piece of information appears in both user traveler and user profiles?

The User Specific Data section (Figure 7-2) also appears in both user and user/traveler profiles. It contains information that allows DTS to provide access to various DTS tools and modules.

What is an accountable officer?

The Accountable Officer is responsible for ensuring that the CCG fulfils its duties to exercise its functions effectively, efficiently and economically thus ensuring improvement in the quality of services and the health of the local population whilst maintaining value for money.

Which permission level allows routing officials to access the trips awaiting action button on the DTS dashboard their signature Authority and select the Status stamp they want to apply to a travel document when digitally signing it?

Permission level 2

What does the certifying officer’s certification tell a disbursing officer?

Disbursing Officers are responsible for disbursing money according to properly certified vouchers. They examine the voucher to determine proper form, certification, and approval by an authorized Certifying Officer. They also ensure that the voucher was computed correctly for the facts certified.

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