How To Delete Turbo Tax Account? (Best solution)

Quickbooks: Please call Intuit customer support to ask them to delete an account: 1 (800) 446-8848. TurboTax: TurboTax accounts cannot be deleted. As long as you haven’t paid your TurboTax Online fee (or registered a cost-free version), you can clear any data you entered using the Clear and Start Over feature.

How do I permanently delete my Intuit account?

I want to delete my Intuit account completely. All data and subscriptions as well. How is this possible?

  1. Go to the Settings ⚙ button located in the upper right.
  2. Select Billing Info, under About you.
  3. Choose Cancel now, then enter your feedback when prompted.
  4. Hit Cancel subscription.

How do I delete TurboTax and start over?

In your web browser, use your app login to sign in at and open or continue your return. Go to the menu on the left side and select Tax Tools, and then select Clear & Start Over. Answer Yes in the pop-up to confirm. Select Sign out at the very bottom of the left menu.

Can I make another TurboTax account?

Follow this procedure to create another TurboTax Online account/login: Sign out of your current TurboTax Online account/login. Select the TurboTax Online product you want to use for the second return and proceed. On the Create your account screen, set up a new login for the second return.

How do I delete multiple Intuit accounts?

There is no procedure to delete, close or merge a Turbo Tax account since accounts may contain past tax information that needs to be preserved. You can just let it go dormant.

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Can I restart TurboTax?

You can restart you return as long as you haven’t submitted payment, deducted the TurboTax fee from your refund, or registered.

How do I redo in TurboTax?

If you used TurboTax Online, simply log in to your account and select “Amend a return that was filed and accepted.” If you used our CD/download product, sign back into your return and select “Amend a filed return.” You must file a separate Form 1040X for each tax return you are amending.

Can I delete my taxes and start over?

If you want to start your return over in the same H&R Block account, manually delete each item/topic you’ve entered – Ex: your W-2 or Form 1099. While it might take some time to delete this info, the benefit of choosing this option is that you can keep your current return and prior-year returns in a single account.

How do I merge my TurboTax accounts?

Sorry, TurboTax does not have an option to merge accounts. Just use the most current account and let the other one go dormant. You would want to use just one account so when you start a return the prior year information transfer to the current return.

What happens if I have 2 TurboTax accounts?

If you have multiple TurboTax accounts, pick one and stick with it when you do future tax returns. That way we can automatically transfer your tax info over year after year. It also makes accessing your prior-year returns much easier.

Can I make a new TurboTax account with the same email?

Each tax return requires a separate account with a separate username and password, but you can use the same email address for all of them. Never start another return by going back and overwriting everything in the return you just filed.

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What happens if I delete my Intuit account?

This means all of the data associated with your account, offerings, and any shared services or apps you use with your account will be deleted. You’ll also no longer be able to sign in to Intuit using that account’s user ID and password.

Can I have 2 Intuit accounts?

If you have more than one Intuit Account, you can sign in to each one to manage the data connected to each account.

How long does it take to delete Intuit account?

It takes around 45 days to complete your data request for either download or deletion. You’ll receive an email notification when it’s complete.

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