According to washington law, during what hours is it legal to operate a personal watercraft?

During what hours is it legal to tow a person on water skis behind a boat quizlet?

A person observing. When is it legal to tow persons on water skis, surfboards, or any device of this type? One hour before sunrise and one hour after sunset if towed behind a boat.

When a vessel is towing a skier What are the legal requirements for observing the skier?

A vessel towing a person(s) on water skis or any other device must have at least two competent persons on board—one to operate the vessel and a second person to observe the towed person(s).

What is an example of dangerous boat operation?

Examples of are: Water skiing or dropping water skiers close to swimmers, launching ramps or other boaters. Jumping the wake of another boat within 100 feet of that boat or buzzing other boats. Causing damage from the wake of your boat.

Do you need a boaters license for a Jet Ski in Washington?

All boaters must have a Washington State Boater Education Card to operate a motorized watercraft of 15 HP or more.

Who must be on board in addition to the operator of the vessel is towing a skier?

Every vessel towing a person(s) on water skis, an aquaplane, or other device must have on board, in addition to the operator, an observer at least 12 years old and in a position to observe the progress of the person(s) being towed.

What should you do if you fall overboard into cold water quizlet?

Try to reboard your boat. What should you do if you fall overboard into cold water? Reduce speed to the minimum needed to stay on course. Visibility is restricted due to fog.

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At what speed should you operate your boat if you’re towing a water skier?

The speed should be determined by weight and ability level of the skier; beginners and children should be towed at slower speeds. The maximum speed (in competition) for men under 35 years old is 36 mph; the maximum speed for men over 35 years old and women is 34 mph.

Which action is allowed when towing a water skier with a vessel?

A person may not be towed behind a vessel from sunset to sunrise. When a vessel is towing a person on water skis, surfboards, or similar devices, the operator must have another competent person on board to act as an observer or the vessel must be equipped with a wide-angle rearview mirror.

How many people can you tow behind a jetski?

three people

What is the best way to retrieve an anchor?

Move the pleasure craft directly over the anchor while pulling in the line. Pulling the anchor straight up should break it free. If the anchor is stuck, turn your pleasure craft in a large circle while keeping the anchor line pulled tight. When the anchor breaks loose, stop the pleasure craft and retrieve the anchor.

What is proper boat launch etiquette?

Remember, like when launching your boat, the proper etiquette is to unload all your extra fuel and equipment away from the launch, so as not to delay other boaters. When it’s your turn to retrieve your boat, back your trailer into the water until two-thirds of its bunks or rollers are submerged.

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What is a critical step to take before launching a boat?


Find a quiet spot in the parking lot away from the launch lane traffic. Some ramps provide lanes to “prep” the boat for the water (“make ready” area). Remove all tie-downs except the winch hook attached to the bow eye of the boat. Remove any outboard or stern-drive tie-downs or supports.

How do I get my boating license in WA?

  1. Study and pass a state-approved boating safety course or equivalency exam from one of the following options: Classroom Courses. …
  2. Receive a Certification of Completion. …
  3. Submit a Boater Education Card Application (PDF) and a copy of your certificate along with a check or money order for $10 to:

How old do you have to be to get a boaters license in Washington?

14 years

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